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Indoor Air Pollution and Health Affecting Our Children

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Many people are not that concerned with indoor air pollution and health until it becomes apparent that it might be affecting their own family, particularly their children. It is apparent to many people who live in California, especially in Los Angeles, which has the most polluted air of any city in the United States. Still the problem persists in other cities across the indoor air pollutionnation because it is not a random problem.

In the early 1990s, concern for the long term health problems caused by air pollution in Southern California led to the Children’s Health Study. The University of Southern California served as the central data gathering place for study of the air and monitoring readings of the quality of air in different areas of the Los Angeles area. Twelve areas within a 200 mile radius of the city serve as the test spots.

Those Affected the Most

Not only are all parents concerned with the health of their children, probably more than their own, but it is a fact that air pollution affects children more than adults East Inflatable Rentals. As children develop physically, anything that attacks that development can be detrimental to how well that portion of the body matures in a healthy way. The elderly are also more affected by air pollution because of the reduced capacity of their lungs.

Because children are more active than adults, they breathe Read more


Helpful Strategies for Dealing With Air Pollution Effects

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You have heard many times that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than the air outside, but many authorities say that number is inaccurate, and that in many buildings the air is as much as 100 times worse than the outside air. Air pollution effects hurt all of us, and improving indoor air quality has become the single most important health issue in our lives.

Indoor air filtration

The use of an indoor air filtration system is one of the first lines of defense against air pollution. The Winix 5300 Air Purifier is an excellent choice for use within a living space. It can effectively reduce contraction of some illnesses.

Authorities say that 50% of all illnesses are aggravated or contracted as a result of Read more


Manufactured Cleaners – Major Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

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There is a definite connection between the increasing number of people with breathing problems and the lifestyles we live. Many of the choices in what we do are directly related to the causes of indoor air pollution. While we may never be able to completely eradicate every source of air pollution inside our home and work areas, we can improve the air quality just by the way we live.

causes of indoor air pollution

A 500 square foot room can be serviced by the Whirlpool AP51030K, which filters the air almost 5 times per hour. It has 3 means of filtering; a pre filter, a charcoal filter, and a HEPA filter. For a smaller space, Winix offers a 3-stage filtration system, too. Read the Winix 5300 Review to see how it stacks up in improving rooms of up to 350 square feet.

While air filtration is a very important addition to any home or workplace, the process is much improved if Read more