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The Young, the Unborn, and Air Pollution Indoor and Out

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Air Pollution Indoor

Children are affected by air pollution indoor and out almost from the time of conception. Whatever air the mother breathes during the time she is carrying the baby has a result on the formation and health of the unborn the same as the foods she eats and other things she ingests. For this reason, many babies are born with health problems that cannot be attributed to anything else other than environmental conditions.

During the first year of a baby’s life, he or she is the most susceptible to attacks on their health. Protection from air pollution during this time is very important to health in the future past the formative years. Surround Air Purifiers serve to provide indoor air protection for young ones while their bodies develop and mature.

How Does Air Pollution Affect the Formative Body

The first concern for exposure to air pollution would be the lungs, which will not have the opportunity to fully develop. This has been the chief concern for many years, but the problem doesn’t stop there. All body functions may be affected by the pollutants in the air because of the reduced functionality of the lungs. Even the central nervous system will be adversely affected.

Studies indicate that air pollution can damage Read more


Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution – A Right to Breathe

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The present generation often thinks that indoor and outdoor air pollution is a new problem that has only been addressed in the last few years inflatable slide
\, but many, many people have been looking for answers to the problem for quite some time. Just recently, the 40th anniversary of the Clean Air Act was commemorated. What have we learned from the first 40 years?

Air Not Fit to Breathe

Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

At the end of the 1960s, some concerned individuals in Birmingham, Alabama decided it was time to do something about the air pollution in their city. They formed an organization called GASP, which recognized the plight of those within the city who were dying and unable to breathe because of the air pollution. The letters stand for Greater Birmingham Alliance to Stop Pollution.

In those days there were many factories spewing particulates into the air. Most days, you could not see downtown Birmingham from the surrounding hills because the pollution was so great. On the bad days, it was almost impossible to breathe outdoors inflatable toys. Read more


4 Categories of Major Indoor Air Pollutants

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major indoor air pollutantsThe major indoor air pollutants that lower the quality of the air are about the same in everyone’s home. The extent of their effect in the air quality depends largely on the way we choose to address issues within the home. Some of the very things we do to make our living space better are often the most harmful.

From the time most people are very young, they are taught the value of cleanliness. Mothers clean counters, floors, furniture, bathrooms, and bedrooms on a regular basis to kill “germs” and make the house a better place to live. The clean home has always been something homemakers aspire to.

At what price a home is kept clean is a cause for concern more today than ever before because Read more


Indoor Air Pollution Facts for Personal and Commercial Applications

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indoor air pollutant factsIf there were a single contributor to poor air quality inside our homes, it might be a much easier situation to purify the air and maintain acceptable breathing conditions. The simple indoor air pollution facts point to numerous factors that must be addressed individually.

The Honeywell 50250 air purifier is one of the more popular models on the market, and it does an excellent job of tackling most indoor air pollutants. It has an industry leading HEPA filter designed to last for many years. After the initial cost, the Honeywell is relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Because the EPA has raised the public’s awareness regarding the dangers of indoor air, purifiers have become Read more


Reduce Allergies Indoors Using a Few Simple Tricks

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Reducing allergies indoors is a continuing battle and can seem to be overwhelming at times. Unlike situations that require one or two actions to fix, allergies are a complicated multi-faceted problem that requires careful consideration and care. Breaking down the contributors to indoor allergies allows us to address the major situations independently and form an overall plan for improved health cheap jumping castles for sale.

allergies indoors

A first step in improving indoor conditions is selecting an air filter that will remove many of the causes of allergies. You may want to check the Whirlpool Air Purifier review to find out what a good filter can remove from the air.

After catching the airborne allergens, purifying the air is Read more


Simple Home Changes that Support Asthma Indoor Air Quality

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asthma indoor air qualityEveryone should be concerned with the air they breathe, both outdoors and in the buildings where they spend so much of their time. It is even more important for the people who already have lung problems. Asthma indoor air quality receives a great deal of attention because the problems resulting from allergens, VOCs, and dust show up sooner for asthmatics.

Many of the things people do in general affect the air quality of their homes, and some minor changes can greatly improve the conditions there. The Honeywell Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier is an excellent way to Read more