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Sources of Indoor Air Pollution – Reducing the Health Risk

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When considering the sources of indoor air pollution, the sad thing is there are generally more sources than there are items that don’t contribute to the problem. We hear over and again that VOCs can be two to five times higher indoors than outside, but what that doesn’t take into account are the times when they can be astronomically higher. For instance, while painting a room, the volatile organic compounds can be as much as 1,000 times worse than they are outdoors.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Addressing poor indoor air quality with a Whirlpool air purifier can substantially reduce the risk to humans and pets. For the times when you are in an area where you spend the majority of your time, the air purifier should be considered a necessary appliance, and if it can be moved around to all the places you frequent indoors, you should have good protection inflatable slides.

We Can’t Always Control Our Environment

The problem remains, how do you always protect yourself from VOC dangers? Because we do not live in a vacuum, it is impossible always to be in a safe place. Although there is not enough study to date to make it clear how much we are affected by the indoor pollutants we breathe, it is assured that the danger increases based on Read more


Common Indoor Air Pollutants and Your Health

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Sometimes it seems that the causes of air pollution are too overwhelming to address successfully. You can learn more about common indoor air pollutants if you read the Honeywell air purifier review. A Honeywell Air Purifier is an important positive contributor to indoor air quality.

common indoor air pollutants

Causes of Poor Indoor Air and Pollution in the Home

We are all aware of the dangers of gas leakage in a home, but it contributes negatively to air quality when it burns. Carbon monoxide is the byproduct from burning gas, so every time you cook, you release it into the air. Every pilot light that burns is a contributor.

common indoor air pollutants

Formaldehyde is an off gas from many of the new products you buy. Televisions, furniture, carpets, and almost anything new emits it. The older an item gets, the less danger there is, so using old furnishings is better than buying newInflatable Boat.

VOCs from the many chemicals we use present a real problem Read more