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Manufactured Cleaners – Major Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

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There is a definite connection between the increasing number of people with breathing problems and the lifestyles we live. Many of the choices in what we do are directly related to the causes of indoor air pollution. While we may never be able to completely eradicate every source of air pollution inside our home and work areas, we can improve the air quality just by the way we live.

causes of indoor air pollution

A 500 square foot room can be serviced by the Whirlpool AP51030K, which filters the air almost 5 times per hour. It has 3 means of filtering; a pre filter, a charcoal filter, and a HEPA filter. For a smaller space, Winix offers a 3-stage filtration system, too. Read the Winix 5300 Review to see how it stacks up in improving rooms of up to 350 square feet.

While air filtration is a very important addition to any home or workplace, the process is much improved if Read more