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Does Your Home or Office Suffer from Sick Building Syndrome?

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sick building syndromeWhat exactly is your interpretation of a “little cancer?” Is there a way to gauge the danger potential of a life threatening disease based on how much exposure we have to it? When the word cancer is mentioned, no one hears the percentages of probabilities for life and death; they focus on the danger itself.

When someone mentions sick building syndrome and indoor air quality, the tendency for many is to rule out danger because it is only a “little” exposure problem. This shortsighted view doesn’t take into account the cumulative effects of continual contact with something known to be a hazard. A little air pollution and a little cancer aren’t that unrelated when you understand that the reason for one is often due to the other. Read more


Selecting the Right Air Cleaning Plants for Your Home

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air cleaning plantsMaking the air in your home clean and breathable is something you must constantly work to attain. Adding a quality air purifier is one place to start once you find a product that will handle the area within your home. The Austin air healthmate air purifier review provides some valuable information on what you should expect from the unit you buy.

Air purifiers make a difference in indoor air quality, but creating natural ways for cleaning the air makes the purifier’s job less difficult. Ventilation to bring in fresh air and exhaust the poor quality air is Read more