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Paint VOC – Painting With Your Health In Mind

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paint vocPaint has been on the list of unsafe products for many years for those concerned with the environment and finding eco-friendly products to meet their needs. The last really big deal was lead-based paints, and that is considered such a danger that specialized technicians are summoned to remove it in existing buildings. As bad as lead paint is, the paint VOC problem might be an even bigger one.

Paints have many different odors when you open them based on what the primary ingredients are. We usually separate paints into oil or latex based, but there are many other manmade solvents that can be found in containers of paint. Those who work with paint can identify the type just by pulling the lid off the container and taking a whiff.

VOCs are released from standard paints, no matter what base material they have. Some gases are more dangerous than Read more


Effects of Indoor Air Pollution – Worse for Males or Females?

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effects of indoor air pollutionWhere we spend our time has much to do with our health and exposure to danger. A soldier stationed in a combat situation is very much in peril of enemy attacks a great deal of the time. While many of us don’t face this type of danger on a daily basis, we do live with the effects of indoor air pollution in most of the buildings we frequent.

Everyone is exposed to air pollution to some degree, both indoors and out. The amounts and types of exposure are based on where we spend the most time and what we are doing during that time.

The average person spends around 90% of their time indoors. This isn’t hard to imagine when we consider that around 1/3 of a person’s life is spent sleeping. Even the person who works primarily outside each day spends almost 60% of their time inside.

A factory worker might be exposed to many off gases because of the nature of the manufacturing. Some situations may require a breathing apparatus for safety, but even then exposure to some degree can be expected.

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Does Your Home or Office Suffer from Sick Building Syndrome?

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sick building syndromeWhat exactly is your interpretation of a “little cancer?” Is there a way to gauge the danger potential of a life threatening disease based on how much exposure we have to it? When the word cancer is mentioned, no one hears the percentages of probabilities for life and death; they focus on the danger itself.

When someone mentions sick building syndrome and indoor air quality, the tendency for many is to rule out danger because it is only a “little” exposure problem. This shortsighted view doesn’t take into account the cumulative effects of continual contact with something known to be a hazard. A little air pollution and a little cancer aren’t that unrelated when you understand that the reason for one is often due to the other. Read more