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The Effects of Fire on Indoor Air Quality

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indoor air qualityOne of the unfortunate aspects of fire in a building is the resulting loss of the quality of indoor air. A fire that is damaging but stopped in time to save the structure can seriously erode the air for a long time into the future. Any fire, no matter what materials are burned, puts off gases that can be detrimental to health; but in a house fire, many man made materials pollute the air much worse than simple natural combustible materials.

Carpets, laminates, plywood, vinyl floor covering, and other materials put off fatal gases during the fire and continue to be dangerous even after the fire is extinguished. Soot, ash, and char present a health hazard until such time as they can be totally removed from a burned building.

Water Damage and Resulting Hazards

After the firemen leave, water must be removed from a structure before any other actions can be taken to remove burned materials and begin restoration. The problem with water is Read more


Helpful Strategies for Dealing With Air Pollution Effects

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You have heard many times that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than the air outside, but many authorities say that number is inaccurate, and that in many buildings the air is as much as 100 times worse than the outside air. Air pollution effects hurt all of us, and improving indoor air quality has become the single most important health issue in our lives.

Indoor air filtration

The use of an indoor air filtration system is one of the first lines of defense against air pollution. The Winix 5300 Air Purifier is an excellent choice for use within a living space. It can effectively reduce contraction of some illnesses.

Authorities say that 50% of all illnesses are aggravated or contracted as a result of Read more


4 Categories of Major Indoor Air Pollutants

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major indoor air pollutantsThe major indoor air pollutants that lower the quality of the air are about the same in everyone’s home. The extent of their effect in the air quality depends largely on the way we choose to address issues within the home. Some of the very things we do to make our living space better are often the most harmful.

From the time most people are very young, they are taught the value of cleanliness. Mothers clean counters, floors, furniture, bathrooms, and bedrooms on a regular basis to kill “germs” and make the house a better place to live. The clean home has always been something homemakers aspire to.

At what price a home is kept clean is a cause for concern more today than ever before because Read more


Manufactured Cleaners – Major Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

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There is a definite connection between the increasing number of people with breathing problems and the lifestyles we live. Many of the choices in what we do are directly related to the causes of indoor air pollution. While we may never be able to completely eradicate every source of air pollution inside our home and work areas, we can improve the air quality just by the way we live.

causes of indoor air pollution

A 500 square foot room can be serviced by the Whirlpool AP51030K, which filters the air almost 5 times per hour. It has 3 means of filtering; a pre filter, a charcoal filter, and a HEPA filter. For a smaller space, Winix offers a 3-stage filtration system, too. Read the Winix 5300 Review to see how it stacks up in improving rooms of up to 350 square feet.

While air filtration is a very important addition to any home or workplace, the process is much improved if Read more


Simple Home Changes that Support Asthma Indoor Air Quality

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asthma indoor air qualityEveryone should be concerned with the air they breathe, both outdoors and in the buildings where they spend so much of their time. It is even more important for the people who already have lung problems. Asthma indoor air quality receives a great deal of attention because the problems resulting from allergens, VOCs, and dust show up sooner for asthmatics.

Many of the things people do in general affect the air quality of their homes, and some minor changes can greatly improve the conditions there. The Honeywell Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier is an excellent way to Read more


Plants for Indoor Air Quality – Part of a Team Effort

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In basketball or football, some teams seem to depend on a player or a few players to make the difference in the outcome of a game. Coaches often preach “there is no I in team” to indicate that the game is won by a group effort. This is also indicative of the air quality in the home or office. One person or singular effort can’t be expected to be the hero who wins the game of good health.

plants for indoor air quality

It has long been known that the use of plants for indoor air quality is one of the best natural solutions there is. A rule of thumb is to have one plant for every 100 square feet of interior space, but that does not assure that air quality will be completely acceptable within a building because the number of pollutants can be more concentrated in some buildings than in others.

Using plants in conjunction with a good air filter system is a twofold way to attack poor air quality. An air filter system such as Read more


Taking Common Sense Action Against Indoor Air Pollutants

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indoor air pollutantsAmericans are becoming better educated about the dangers of poor quality indoor air, but improving the quality of that air isn’t an easy fix. There is no one thing that can be done to make the indoor air pollutants go away, and every home does not have the same threats. There are several important changes you can make that will bring about a significant improvement in your home’s air qualitybuy inflatable roller ball.

Most authorities agree that installing equipment like the Alen T300 Air Purifier can remove many of the pollutants in the air, but decreasing the causes of the air quality problem makes an air purifier more efficient. Many of the actions that can be taken to improve your air quality are based on a common sense approach.

Many homes have mold and mildew buildup due to moisture problems, but people often attack the problems the wrong way. Unlike some other unhealthy contaminants in the air, mold is not Read more


The Continued Problem of Formaldehyde Exposure

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formaldehyde exposureThere are so many items in the home that contain formaldehyde it would be impossible to remove all of them. The amount of formaldehyde released from some items decreases with time, but can still be in quantities that are unsafe. It has been no secret that formaldehyde exposure is dangerous; for more than twenty years, the EPA has been warning the nation of the hazards of this product.

There are ways to filter the air and remove the VOCs emitted by formaldehyde, such as the Blueair 501 home air purifier, but removing as many of the items as possible that emit these off gases is important, too. Elimination must be preceded by identification.

Some of the primary sources of formaldehyde are building products. Resins in many products have this killer in them, and the primary format is urea-formaldehyde resins.

Most wood building products have been replaced with wood manufactured products, which contain these harmful Read more


Indoor Air Quality Tips for Your Family’s Safety

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indoor air quality tipsAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. Generally, the greater majority of that time is spent at work or at home, which makes it important to do whatever you can to provide quality air in those locations. It has been estimated that indoor air contains as much as five times more VOCs as the air outside, so there is an air quality battle to be made indoors as well as out.

What factors contribute to the air quality in your home? Many products contain VOCS, but the determining factors are how much contaminant is released by them and the rate at which it is released. The volume of air in a confined space and the ventilation rate are Read more


Air Pollution and Asthma – Know the Contributing Factors

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air pollution and asthmaThere are concerns in the medical community that asthma is becoming much more common and the attacks asthma sufferers have are reoccurring more frequently. Stronger medications are needed increasingly for those with this condition.

It has been suggested that one of the reasons asthma is becoming more of a problem is because of the quality of the air we breathe. Sophisticated equipment used to measure the air quality in major metropolitan areas indicates that air pollution and asthma go hand in hand.

Federal air quality as last updated by the 1990 changes to the Clean Air Act allows for the EPA to set those standards. Unfortunately, those standards are not met in many parts of the country. It is difficult to mandate air quality standards in open spaces because Read more