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Indoor Air Pollution and Health Affecting Our Children

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Many people are not that concerned with indoor air pollution and health until it becomes apparent that it might be affecting their own family, particularly their children. It is apparent to many people who live in California, especially in Los Angeles, which has the most polluted air of any city in the United States. Still the problem persists in other cities across the indoor air pollutionnation because it is not a random problem.

In the early 1990s, concern for the long term health problems caused by air pollution in Southern California led to the Children’s Health Study. The University of Southern California served as the central data gathering place for study of the air and monitoring readings of the quality of air in different areas of the Los Angeles area. Twelve areas within a 200 mile radius of the city serve as the test spots.

Those Affected the Most

Not only are all parents concerned with the health of their children, probably more than their own, but it is a fact that air pollution affects children more than adults East Inflatable Rentals. As children develop physically, anything that attacks that development can be detrimental to how well that portion of the body matures in a healthy way. The elderly are also more affected by air pollution because of the reduced capacity of their lungs.

Because children are more active than adults, they breathe Read more


Indoor Air Mold – Reaction Time Matters

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If your home is flooded, your reaction time is very important as far as the potential long-term affects generated by moisture. No matter where water comes from, you have exposure to microorganisms that can seriously affect the indoor air quality and lead to indoor air mold.

indoor air quality

The Three Types of Flood Waters

In flooding, water is considered to be clean, gray, or black. Each of these has to do with where the water comes from. A plumbing leak from the water supply is considered clean water, and usually a roof leak is the same, although it can pick up pollutants on its way inside. Gray water contains some harmful microorganisms, and black is attributable to a sewer backup, with a host of contaminants that are not all easily determined.

Obviously, with gray and black water, microorganisms are present, and they reproduce well when air mixes with the water. Clean water is still a problem because the microorganisms that exist already in a building will begin to spread with the introduction of a moist environment.

Mold and Other Hazardous Conditions

Indoor air mold

Once they have become ingrained in the porous materials within a building, these germs, bacteria, and fungi can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and more materials in a building are porous than most people realize. Not only do these nasty invaders cause a musty smell and ruin the items they are absorbed into, they also become Read more


Mold Spores One of the Leading Indoor Air Pollution Sources

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indoor air pollution sourcesOne of the primary indoor air pollution sources is mold, with spores all around us and ready to spread given the slightest chance. While using a Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier is a great way to clean your air, it cannot solve an active mold problem. This whirlpool model can remove mold spores in the air, but remediation of mold is necessary before any system can purify indoor airinflatable castle.

Mold is a health issue because it secretes toxins, which can cause respiratory ailments for anyone who inhales them. Studies have indicated that the very young and the elderly have more complications from mold, but no one is immune. HEPA filters are considered a top way to catch mold spores and purify the air that passes through their filters, but there have to be enough filters within a home to clean the air sufficiently. Read more


Tough Facts about Air Pollution and Kids

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air pollution and kidsThe two age groups most affected by air pollution are the old and the young. The long term health of both age groups is threatened by the problem. Scientific study has shown beyond reasonable doubt that air pollution and kids can be a deadly combination.

It has been determined that babies are often born with many harmful elements already in their systems, and these are not naturally a part of the gestation process. Some of these elements can be attributed to the mother’s care of herself during pregnancy, and others may fit in with the father’s contribution to the gene pool.

In some cases, babies have foreign and destructive agents present at birth even when the parents do not Read more


Air Pollution and Asthma – Know the Contributing Factors

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air pollution and asthmaThere are concerns in the medical community that asthma is becoming much more common and the attacks asthma sufferers have are reoccurring more frequently. Stronger medications are needed increasingly for those with this condition.

It has been suggested that one of the reasons asthma is becoming more of a problem is because of the quality of the air we breathe. Sophisticated equipment used to measure the air quality in major metropolitan areas indicates that air pollution and asthma go hand in hand.

Federal air quality as last updated by the 1990 changes to the Clean Air Act allows for the EPA to set those standards. Unfortunately, those standards are not met in many parts of the country. It is difficult to mandate air quality standards in open spaces because Read more


Breathe Easier Knowing an Indoor Air Quality Monitor is in Place

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indoor air quality monitorThe quality of the air we breathe is becoming a growing concern nationwide. The mold and fungi issue is a major one that has states such as New York proposing health laws that will require all public buildings to have an indoor air quality monitor program in place.

The longer a mold issue goes unaddressed, the bigger the problem becomes along with the cost required to correct it. The earlier a mold problem is detected, the easier and less costly it is to fix it.

Most IAQ (indoor air quality) control experts are approaching the mold problem with a pro-active rather than a re-active approach. The same holds true with Read more


Welcome to the New Room Air Purifier Reviews Blog

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air purifierWelcome to Room Air Purifier Reviews new blog. The purpose for this website is to provide my visitors a comprehensive guide to air purifiers and unbiased review information on all types of air purifiers including HEPA air purifiers, ionizing air purifiers and even information on ozone air purifiers.

I’m working towards providing comparison shopping options for each of the air purifiers I review. My goal is to Read more