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Lowering Our Contribution to Ozone Pollution

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We hear mixed reports about ozone, depending on where it may be at the time. Swimming pools often use ozone generators to help sterilize the water, which is a good thing. Ozone generators do not pollute the air. The upper atmosphere has ozone, which is necessary for our survival, but when we think of it in our homes or where we work, it becomes ozone pollution.

ozone pollution

The use of a quality air system like the Surround Air Intelli-Pro Air Purifier will safely remove ozone in our immediate surroundings, but that doesn’t help us when we are outdoors where much of the ozone gas is produced. As you might guess, there is a primary contributor to this exterior pollution from ozone. Read more


Effects of Indoor Air Pollution – Worse for Males or Females?

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effects of indoor air pollutionWhere we spend our time has much to do with our health and exposure to danger. A soldier stationed in a combat situation is very much in peril of enemy attacks a great deal of the time. While many of us don’t face this type of danger on a daily basis, we do live with the effects of indoor air pollution in most of the buildings we frequent.

Everyone is exposed to air pollution to some degree, both indoors and out. The amounts and types of exposure are based on where we spend the most time and what we are doing during that time.

The average person spends around 90% of their time indoors. This isn’t hard to imagine when we consider that around 1/3 of a person’s life is spent sleeping. Even the person who works primarily outside each day spends almost 60% of their time inside.

A factory worker might be exposed to many off gases because of the nature of the manufacturing. Some situations may require a breathing apparatus for safety, but even then exposure to some degree can be expected.

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Tough Facts about Air Pollution and Kids

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air pollution and kidsThe two age groups most affected by air pollution are the old and the young. The long term health of both age groups is threatened by the problem. Scientific study has shown beyond reasonable doubt that air pollution and kids can be a deadly combination.

It has been determined that babies are often born with many harmful elements already in their systems, and these are not naturally a part of the gestation process. Some of these elements can be attributed to the mother’s care of herself during pregnancy, and others may fit in with the father’s contribution to the gene pool.

In some cases, babies have foreign and destructive agents present at birth even when the parents do not Read more