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4 Categories of Major Indoor Air Pollutants

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major indoor air pollutantsThe major indoor air pollutants that lower the quality of the air are about the same in everyone’s home. The extent of their effect in the air quality depends largely on the way we choose to address issues within the home. Some of the very things we do to make our living space better are often the most harmful.

From the time most people are very young, they are taught the value of cleanliness. Mothers clean counters, floors, furniture, bathrooms, and bedrooms on a regular basis to kill “germs” and make the house a better place to live. The clean home has always been something homemakers aspire to.

At what price a home is kept clean is a cause for concern more today than ever before because Read more


Reduce Allergies Indoors Using a Few Simple Tricks

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Reducing allergies indoors is a continuing battle and can seem to be overwhelming at times. Unlike situations that require one or two actions to fix, allergies are a complicated multi-faceted problem that requires careful consideration and care. Breaking down the contributors to indoor allergies allows us to address the major situations independently and form an overall plan for improved health cheap jumping castles for sale.

allergies indoors

A first step in improving indoor conditions is selecting an air filter that will remove many of the causes of allergies. You may want to check the Whirlpool Air Purifier review to find out what a good filter can remove from the air.

After catching the airborne allergens, purifying the air is Read more