Lowering Our Contribution to Ozone Pollution

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We hear mixed reports about ozone, depending on where it may be at the time. Swimming pools often use ozone generators to help sterilize the water, which is a good thing. Ozone generators do not pollute the air. The upper atmosphere has ozone, which is necessary for our survival, but when we think of it in our homes or where we work, it becomes ozone pollution.

ozone pollution

The use of a quality air system like the Surround Air Intelli-Pro Air Purifier will safely remove ozone in our immediate surroundings, but that doesn’t help us when we are outdoors where much of the ozone gas is produced. As you might guess, there is a primary contributor to this exterior pollution from ozone.

Understanding Ozone and How to Reduce It

Ozone irritates our lungs and can cause distress for people with or without breathing problems. So where does the ozone come from that is threatening our health? Cars contribute about a quarter of the ozone problems in our environment.

It is unlikely that the situation is going to change any time in the near future, but we can take some precautions to decrease the ozone levels emitted by our vehicles.

Gasoline produces ozone as it vaporizes, which results in the strong smell that fuel emits. On a hot day, you can see the fumes coming out of an open container of gasoline.

This is a clue as to why it is better to fill-up your tank when the temperatures are cooler. More of the gasoline will go into your tank rather than the air, reducing pollution and increasing the value of each dollar you spend at the pump.

City drivers spend a lot of time sitting with their motors running, which places a great deal of ozone polluting gas in the air in a smaller space. For many years we have been taught that turning off the motor and restarting it uses more fuel than just letting it idle while we wait.

Although there might be some truth to that, extended periods of idling can be expensive. Anytime we park and wait, we should consider the trade off of polluting the air or saving pennies on gas.

At home, there are a couple of other items that contribute to the atmospheric ozone. Inside the house, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 can reduce ozone so it is not a problem, but outside, we don’t have that luxury.

When cutting grass, we produce a lot of harmful emissions, including ozone. Few gas-powered lawnmowers are designed to limit air pollution. If it is possible, an electric mower is the better choice for mowing the grass.

Grilling out is another pollution producer, and it doesn’t matter if you use charcoal, electricity, or propane to heat the grill. Electricity produces the least pollution of the three, but all formats produce ozone to some extent.

Standing around in the smoke may also contribute to health problems due to a lot of exposure. We hear constantly that grilled food is not a healthy cooking choice. It is considered a carcinogen even if you don’t consider the ozone emitted.

A few simple changes in how we live life each day can mean an improved world to live in and, in most cases, we save money, too. Improving the air we breathe is one of the most important contributions we can make to the world around us.


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