Need to Know Info About Toxic Air in Your Environment

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toxic airOne of the first things firefighters learn about is the fume toxicity of smoke that is emitted during a fire. The most dangerous of these gases is not from the wood framing members that constitute the framework of the structure.

They are from the man made products that make up the finishes and furnishings. Vinyl siding, carpeting, wallboard, sofas, curtains, and thousands of other materials are emit deadly fumes when on fire. What is not clear to everyone is the fact that toxic air in the home exists without requiring a fire to produce it.

Many of the products we use to make our homes “better” actually are leading to our demise. Each contributor may only be slightly dangerous on its own, but when joined with all the others, you may have a deadly combination.

What Is Dangerous In Your Home?

You may want to start with your floors when you consider the health hazards in your home. If you have hardwood floors or tile, you will have some problem with dust mites. Fortunately, you can dampen a microfiber dust mop with water and take care of most of that problem during routine cleaning.

If you choose to carpet your home, you have multiplied the dust mite problem by the millions. Not only are there more places for the dust mites to hide, they are impossible to remove even with a good quality vacuum cleaner.

If you attempt to get them out by using a carpet cleaner, it only adds to the problem because of the chemicals in the cleaner.

Air toxicity in the home can be lessened by using the Austin air Healthmate air purifier, which is easy to move from one room to another. An air purifier removes more than 99% of the contaminating particles in the air including dust mites, but what it can’t do is control the chemicals that you expose yourself to each day.

Aerosol sprays for your hair, many of the products used for personal hygiene, and even the chemicals used in detergents for your clothing are dangerous to your health.

Air fresheners smell nice, but they are dangerous, too. All of these smell good products have a base of synthetic fragrances and petro chemicals that work against the immune system.

A product that is becoming a favorite by kitchen sinks and vanities is anti-bacterial soap. This is also a problematic situation because it actually breaks down the immune system, similar to the way antibiotics destroy both good and bad bacteria causing an immune system breakdown if taken continually.

Simply put, man made chemical products are not good for our bodies because we are designed to function using natural materials.

What Can I Do to Detoxify My Home?

While your home is the place where you wield the most control, the environment wherever you spend a great deal of time can be a threat to your well being, and that can be in your car, at work, and several other places.

Another consideration for bettering your air quality is the Rabbit air BioGS Air Purifier, which covers 600 square feet of living space. You may have some support at work for an air purifier, and you should certainly consider using one at home.

If you have carpeting, consider replacing it with wood flooring. You can clean with a vacuum and a damp microfiber mop, eliminating a need for chemicals altogether.

Throw away those furniture polishes and use a damp microfiber dust cloth for most cleaning of wood surfaces. You can also periodically use a dry cloth and inexpensive yet natural mineral oil to rehydrate the wood.

Use as few chemicals in your home as possible, look for cleaners that contain all natural ingredients, and consider a purification system for cleaner air to breathe.


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