Whirlpool AP51030 K Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner Review

Have you been plagued by asthma and allergies for your whole life? You probably know only too well what a great inconvenience those house-borne air pollutants bring to your life! While affecting the air quality in your outdoor surroundings is well beyond your control, you can at least do something about it within the premises of your own home. Today, we are going to take a look at Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Air Purifier – a model that was ranked as the top air purifier by Consumer Reports in 2010.


According to the product specifications, Whirlpool AP51030K has a rate of 48 times air change in a 500 square feet area per hour at the highest setting. There are 4 settings for the fan speed with the addition of 2 modes: Sleep and Turbo. Users have been pleased with the availability of multiple settings so that they can adjust the fan speed to suit their usage throughout the day. The unit consists of a HEPA 0.3 micron filtration which means that particles as small as 0.3 microns will not be able to pass through. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters are touted to the most effective of removing particles without any health implications.

The HEPA filter does the job by creating a large surface area for air to pass through so that more particles can be trapped within a shorter time frame. Users have responded positively to the bigger surface area of the HEPA filter for Whirlpool AP51030K. This means that more air can be taken in and cleaned faster. Some of you may have smaller, cheaper air purifiers that claim to have the same CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) as larger purifiers, but beware. There have been several user feedback reports which claim that over time these smaller purifiers will become leaky and start producing dust clouds from the back of the purifier! It totally contradicts its main function – no good for us asthma sufferers at all!

So, does it do the job?

Many users agree that the air purifier does a top-notch job of cleaning up the home environment. It sucks in lots of air, trapping dust, fibers etc. They also feel a strongly noticeable difference in the air within a few hours of switching on the machine. Users with allergic reactions or very sensitive noses report feeling that the air in the home seems much fresher, and say they can take in deep breaths without feeling any irritation, even in places where there has been a lot of dust accumulation previously. As for the pricing, many agree that the Whirlpool AP51030K is great value of money at around $230.

How quiet is it?

In general, users across the board are impressed with Whirlpool AP51030K – reportedly, it really does live up to its reputation for being quiet. While a few have commented that the noise is more significant on turbo mode, it only makes the same amount of noise as a box fan. Some of them even commented that the white noise helps them to sleep and is also a form of assurance that the purifier is doing its job. Many also mentioned that when they switch on the radio or television, the purifier can’t be heard at all. In any case, if you have really sensitive hearing, you can always turn on the turbo mode before sleeping then turn it to sleep mode when it comes to bedtime.

Is it portable?

Weighing at approximately 25 pounds, Whispure AP51030K may be at the higher spectrum in terms of weight, but it is still relatively easy to shift it around.

How user friendly is the Whirlpool AP51030K?

It can’t get simpler. The electronic controls only comprises of a few buttons on the unit. If you can use a smart-phone or a remote control, you will know your way around this purifier in no time at all.

How well does it fare in getting rid of odors?

Unfortunately, most users agree that they can’t say much for the odor removal function. Those who cook remarked that if they are preparing a big meal, the smell of grease will linger around for some time, although one or two users reported that by opening windows and switching the purifier on turbo speed helped to remove odors faster than normal.

Maintenance Costs:

While the manual recommends that the main Filtrete HEPA filter ($68) should be replaced on an annual basis and the charcoal pre-filters ($6 each) have to be replaced on a quarter year basis, several users actually think that the indication buttons for filter change is a much better way for them to estimate when to change the filter. Some of them don’t always put on the purifier at the highest setting and will switch off the air purifier when traveling away on trips. Thus, depending on the usage, the replacement schedule and maintenance costs will vary from person to person.

Sentiments of Other Users:

Overall, sentiments of users about Whirlpool AP51030K have been favorable and encouraging. The model has received a whopping 4.5 stars rating on Amazon with several rave reviews. Most agree that the purifier produces very little noise. Quite a number of users with pets at home observed that visitors who had allergies did not experience any strong allergic reactions after they switched on the purifier, a huge contrast with the previous visits. A few slightly less positive feedbacks did not reflect major issues, such as a strong breeze being produced. Some of them resolved the issue by placing the purifier at a less obtrusive corner of the room. Apart from this, most other users had no issues with the Whirlpool AP51030K at all. A couple of users have commented on the high noise level, but in this case it there are strong suspicions that the machine they have is defective.

Here are some of the comments users have made:

[quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]“LIFE SAVER for people with allergy!!!”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]“Doing a great job cleaning air!”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]“Great Unit!”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]“Quiet even @ highest setting”[/quote]


Where can You purchase a Whirlpool AP51030K?

Upon research I found Amazon had the best pricing on this machine, and is the lowest price I have seen for a brand new set, not to mention that you will be buying from a company as big and reliable as Amazon. The price at the official Whirlpool site would cost you up to $50 more! Many users have also purchased their set from Amazon and when asked about the shopping experience, have responded positively.