The Austin Air HealthMate Review

Big Power in a Compact Size

There are a lot dangerous particles in the air all around you. If you suffer from allergies the way I do, you know they’re there. You just can’t see them. Other things have a huge impact on your home’s air quality too. Odors from cooking or strong food odors, smoking or just that “stale” smell during winter months when the house is all closed up. The Austin Air HealthMate cleans the air around you, and gets rid of the aggravating allergens and odors in your home so you are more comfortable and healthier.

What to Look for in an Air Purifier

Most important is a strong HEPA filter to catch the smallest particles in the air. The HEPA filters on the Austin Air HealthMate get rid of 99.97% of the particles that are floating around unseen in your air. You’ll notice a fresher, cleaner smell in just hours.

4-stage cleaning is one of the leading edge technologies that Austin Air HealthMate incorporates to ensure top quality air. Stage 1 uses a pre-filter to get the larger particles such as pet or human hair out of the air before it ever gets to the main filters. Stage 2 takes care of mold and pollen. Stage 3 provides a cleansing that gets rid of odors in the air. Finally, stage 4 uses the powerful HEPA filter to trap health hazards that make your home sick such as viruses and bacteria.

The types of particles the Austin Air HealthMate controls are:

  • Gases
  • Odors (chemical and organic)
  • Micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria)
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Hair
  • Pet dander

Quality Assurance

Warranty is another big issue when choosing an air purifier. The Austin Air HealthMate has a full money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason for up to 30 days.

Color Choice

Okay, when it comes to air quality, color isn’t that big of a factor, but it is going to be in your rooms. If you spend time and money decorating your house, it’s nice to not have to sacrifice that décor for good air quality. The

Compact and Easy to Handle

It is important that any appliance I bring into the home looks good while doing its job. I spend a lot of time making my house look as good as I can, and decorate it to my taste. I like the fact that the Austin Air HealthMate is a compact and good looking machine that also controls the allergens in the air so my home looks good while letting me feel great.

What You May Not Like

Peace in the home is important. Loud appliances make it hard to hear TVs or stereos and conversations. The Austin Air HealthMate is rather loud on the high setting. Having seen several video demonstrations specifically pointing out the sound the Austin Air HealthMate makes at various settings I would compare it to a window air conditioner. On the lower settings it is much quieter, making almost no sound at all.

One thing I do agree with is that the Austin Air HealthMate is one of the more expensive stand-alone type air purifiers on the market. There is also a hidden cost involved that can be a problem if you’re not fully prepared. The filters are expensive to replace. The good side of the high cost is that these filters last for years, as opposed to many air purifiers that must have their filters changed once or twice a year.

Getting What You Paid For

The old standard saying “you get what you pay for” actually does apply to air filters. The Austin Air HealthMate is well worth the price and even the expensive filters are costly because they are such high quality. Bundled up inside the single filtration cylinder is over 60 square feet of medical grade HEPA filtration. That’s a serious filter. The Austin Air HealthMate also covers a much larger area than other lower priced models. At 1500 square feet it is strong enough to handle an entire floor of an average sized home.

Totally Made in the USA

Not many products can boast this claim. The Austin Air HealthMate is a USA product you can buy and feel good about supporting the economy.

Easy Cleaning

The filter inside the Austin Air HealthMate is easy to change. Some air purifiers have several stages of filtration too, although rarely 4, but the nice thing about the Austin Air HealthMate is that all 4 stages are in one single filter unit that is simple to remove from the bottom. With other purifiers you have to change each filter, and there are different ways of handling each. Some need to be washed, others discarded and thrown away. With the Austin Air HealthMate each stage of filtration is on a different layer of the cylinder style filter. It is very light, and requires no special tools to take out and replace.

Consumer Comments

There are many consumer sites where you can find comments on the Austin Air HealthMate, but I think is the best. Not only is there a wide demographic and huge audience on, it also promotes both sides of reviews without hesitation, or slanting. On the site, the Austin Air HealthMate has overwhelmingly good reviews. Some of the comments are:

[quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]”We live in an old farmhouse, and the Austin Air HealthMate got rid of the musty smell, and got rid of our allergies.”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]”Best air filter I ever bought.”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]”Wheels around easily wherever we need it.”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]”I have COPD and it has done a world of good for my breathing problems.”[/quote] [quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]”I absolutely love it.”[/quote]

Where to Get the Austin Air HealthMate

The best place to find the Austin Air HealthMate on line is Amazon. The prices are better, and the security and safety can’t be beat. You can also read the many other reviews from users of the Austin Air HealthMate on the website.