The Young, the Unborn, and Air Pollution Indoor and Out

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Air Pollution Indoor

Children are affected by air pollution indoor and out almost from the time of conception. Whatever air the mother breathes during the time she is carrying the baby has a result on the formation and health of the unborn the same as the foods she eats and other things she ingests. For this reason, many babies are born with health problems that cannot be attributed to anything else other than environmental conditions.

During the first year of a baby’s life, he or she is the most susceptible to attacks on their health. Protection from air pollution during this time is very important to health in the future past the formative years. Surround Air Purifiers serve to provide indoor air protection for young ones while their bodies develop and mature.

How Does Air Pollution Affect the Formative Body

The first concern for exposure to air pollution would be the lungs, which will not have the opportunity to fully develop. This has been the chief concern for many years, but the problem doesn’t stop there. All body functions may be affected by the pollutants in the air because of the reduced functionality of the lungs. Even the central nervous system will be adversely affected.

Studies indicate that air pollution can damage the immune system or decrease its ability to fight off other attacks such as infection. Air pollution alters physiological processes in the body and can alter the development of cells. Children who live in areas with high pollution have inflammation working in their bodies attempting to fight off the adverse affects, and this weakens their immune systems.

The young person’s body develops until around the age of nineteen. Anything adversely affecting that will lead to retardation of total development because the person who reaches maturity has achieved the best body function he or she will ever have. If the lungs do not develop to full capacity, a person cannot expect to have as long a life or as healthy a one as someone who did not have air pollution to contend with during childhood.

Sure, air pollution affects people beyond the formative years too, but it is more problematic for the young because it takes away life. Those who grow up in highly polluted air areas are more susceptible to heart conditions and chronic lung disease than those who don’t, and many other health problems can stem from the basic cause.

What Can Be Done to Combat the Negative Causes of Air Pollution?

As depressing as it may seem to think about the effects of air pollution, you can do some things to protect yourself and your children. A Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier in your home can greatly reduce exposure to air pollution. Since every breath is possibly detrimental to health, every good breath is a positive. Since most people spend the greater majority of their time indoors, the air purifier is a good form of protection.

Diet is an important way to combat the ill effects of poor air quality. Fruits and vegetables have powerful antioxidants that combat the pollutants by strengthening the immune system. Exercise will also increase the body’s immune system and make it generally healthier, if the exercise is done in an environment free from air pollution.

Outdoor activities that can be conducted in areas away from industries, automobile traffic, and in general cleaner air conditions are highly recommended as a natural protection from air pollution.



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