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Seasonal Affective Disorder — It’s Not You, It’s the Environment

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Bring a Breath of Fresh Air into Your Life

seasonal affective disorder Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D. or SAD) is a depression believed to be a response to shorter periods of daylight at certain times of the year. Also known as the winter blues, SAD occurs more often in people living where winter nights are longer so it is a logical conclusion that it is caused by the diminished access to sunlight.

The disorder was not identified until 1984 when Norman Rosenthal came up with the notion of treating the winter blues with light therapy. Since then, experts have studied the phenomenon looking for all the factors that feed into the disorder. To cure it, it is necessary to understand the disorder.

Does the Winter Make You Blue?

The first step is to see if you do suffer from SAD. The markers are fairly easily
identified. Check out these symptoms to see if your bouts of depression are related to the time of the year.

Symptoms start in the fall and progress as winter sets in. You might also be one of the rare cases where the blues are actually the summer blues. In that case, the symptoms will start in the Read more