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The Effects of Fire on Indoor Air Quality

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indoor air qualityOne of the unfortunate aspects of fire in a building is the resulting loss of the quality of indoor air. A fire that is damaging but stopped in time to save the structure can seriously erode the air for a long time into the future. Any fire, no matter what materials are burned, puts off gases that can be detrimental to health; but in a house fire, many man made materials pollute the air much worse than simple natural combustible materials.

Carpets, laminates, plywood, vinyl floor covering, and other materials put off fatal gases during the fire and continue to be dangerous even after the fire is extinguished. Soot, ash, and char present a health hazard until such time as they can be totally removed from a burned building.

Water Damage and Resulting Hazards

After the firemen leave, water must be removed from a structure before any other actions can be taken to remove burned materials and begin restoration. The problem with water is Read more


Indoor Air Pollution and Health Affecting Our Children

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Many people are not that concerned with indoor air pollution and health until it becomes apparent that it might be affecting their own family, particularly their children. It is apparent to many people who live in California, especially in Los Angeles, which has the most polluted air of any city in the United States. Still the problem persists in other cities across the indoor air pollutionnation because it is not a random problem.

In the early 1990s, concern for the long term health problems caused by air pollution in Southern California led to the Children’s Health Study. The University of Southern California served as the central data gathering place for study of the air and monitoring readings of the quality of air in different areas of the Los Angeles area. Twelve areas within a 200 mile radius of the city serve as the test spots.

Those Affected the Most

Not only are all parents concerned with the health of their children, probably more than their own, but it is a fact that air pollution affects children more than adults East Inflatable Rentals. As children develop physically, anything that attacks that development can be detrimental to how well that portion of the body matures in a healthy way. The elderly are also more affected by air pollution because of the reduced capacity of their lungs.

Because children are more active than adults, they breathe Read more


The Young, the Unborn, and Air Pollution Indoor and Out

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Air Pollution Indoor

Children are affected by air pollution indoor and out almost from the time of conception. Whatever air the mother breathes during the time she is carrying the baby has a result on the formation and health of the unborn the same as the foods she eats and other things she ingests. For this reason, many babies are born with health problems that cannot be attributed to anything else other than environmental conditions.

During the first year of a baby’s life, he or she is the most susceptible to attacks on their health. Protection from air pollution during this time is very important to health in the future past the formative years. Surround Air Purifiers serve to provide indoor air protection for young ones while their bodies develop and mature.

How Does Air Pollution Affect the Formative Body

The first concern for exposure to air pollution would be the lungs, which will not have the opportunity to fully develop. This has been the chief concern for many years, but the problem doesn’t stop there. All body functions may be affected by the pollutants in the air because of the reduced functionality of the lungs. Even the central nervous system will be adversely affected.

Studies indicate that air pollution can damage Read more


Indoor Air Mold – Reaction Time Matters

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If your home is flooded, your reaction time is very important as far as the potential long-term affects generated by moisture. No matter where water comes from, you have exposure to microorganisms that can seriously affect the indoor air quality and lead to indoor air mold.

indoor air quality

The Three Types of Flood Waters

In flooding, water is considered to be clean, gray, or black. Each of these has to do with where the water comes from. A plumbing leak from the water supply is considered clean water, and usually a roof leak is the same, although it can pick up pollutants on its way inside. Gray water contains some harmful microorganisms, and black is attributable to a sewer backup, with a host of contaminants that are not all easily determined.

Obviously, with gray and black water, microorganisms are present, and they reproduce well when air mixes with the water. Clean water is still a problem because the microorganisms that exist already in a building will begin to spread with the introduction of a moist environment.

Mold and Other Hazardous Conditions

Indoor air mold

Once they have become ingrained in the porous materials within a building, these germs, bacteria, and fungi can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and more materials in a building are porous than most people realize. Not only do these nasty invaders cause a musty smell and ruin the items they are absorbed into, they also become Read more


Sources of Indoor Air Pollution – Reducing the Health Risk

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When considering the sources of indoor air pollution, the sad thing is there are generally more sources than there are items that don’t contribute to the problem. We hear over and again that VOCs can be two to five times higher indoors than outside, but what that doesn’t take into account are the times when they can be astronomically higher. For instance, while painting a room, the volatile organic compounds can be as much as 1,000 times worse than they are outdoors.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Addressing poor indoor air quality with a Whirlpool air purifier can substantially reduce the risk to humans and pets. For the times when you are in an area where you spend the majority of your time, the air purifier should be considered a necessary appliance, and if it can be moved around to all the places you frequent indoors, you should have good protection inflatable slides.

We Can’t Always Control Our Environment

The problem remains, how do you always protect yourself from VOC dangers? Because we do not live in a vacuum, it is impossible always to be in a safe place. Although there is not enough study to date to make it clear how much we are affected by the indoor pollutants we breathe, it is assured that the danger increases based on Read more