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Air Quality Indoors – Surprising Facts About the Air You Breathe

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air quality indoorsMost people base the quality of the air they breathe on two factors; the way it smells and the way it looks. While these are good indicators of some air problems, they are not fail-proof. This is proven by the deadliness of natural gas, which has no odor unless it is added for safety purposes.

Definitely, a room filled with smoke is a good indicator of poor air quality indoors because you can see it and smell it, but there are many materials that emit gas vapors that attack us silently and without our knowledge.

This exposure can manifest itself in several ways. In the short-term, irritation of the throat, nose, and eyes is common. Continued exposure can produce Read more


Upgrade Your Home or Workplace with Plants That Clean the Air

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plants that clean the airThe job of plants has always been to replenish the oxygen around us. This is why “tree huggers” have been saying for a hundred years that we should maintain vegetation instead of clear-cutting the land. What may not be apparent to everyone is that plants not only produce good clean air, they take the pollutants out of the existing air.

An amazing thing about plants that clean the air is that all plants fall into that classification. There seems to be no plant that will not contribute when it is given water and sunlight to do its work. Whatever type of plant you like, you can expect it to replenish the oxygen in the air.

Humans have attempted in all manner of ways to bring about their own extinction, or at least it would seem so by their actions. Constantly producing chemicals and equipment that spew harmful Read more


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Order Essay Online – Cheap Custom-made Papers

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Indoor Air Quality Tips for Your Family’s Safety

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indoor air quality tipsAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. Generally, the greater majority of that time is spent at work or at home, which makes it important to do whatever you can to provide quality air in those locations. It has been estimated that indoor air contains as much as five times more VOCs as the air outside, so there is an air quality battle to be made indoors as well as out.

What factors contribute to the air quality in your home? Many products contain VOCS, but the determining factors are how much contaminant is released by them and the rate at which it is released. The volume of air in a confined space and the ventilation rate are Read more


Helpful Tips for Treating Annoying Allergies

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treating allergiesSome of the causes for allergies are obvious, as can be attested by people who live in warm climates. Each spring, pollen settles like a yellow dust on everything outside, and this is only the pollen that we see. There are more invisible and damaging contaminants in the air we come in contact with and don’t realize we’ve been exposed to until after the problems begin.

At one time, for most people allergies were seasonal, and an outbreak ran for a period from spring to fall. In recent decades, the time frame sufferers must be concerned with treating allergies has increased. This may be attributed to Read more


Air Pollution and Asthma – Know the Contributing Factors

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air pollution and asthmaThere are concerns in the medical community that asthma is becoming much more common and the attacks asthma sufferers have are reoccurring more frequently. Stronger medications are needed increasingly for those with this condition.

It has been suggested that one of the reasons asthma is becoming more of a problem is because of the quality of the air we breathe. Sophisticated equipment used to measure the air quality in major metropolitan areas indicates that air pollution and asthma go hand in hand.

Federal air quality as last updated by the 1990 changes to the Clean Air Act allows for the EPA to set those standards. Unfortunately, those standards are not met in many parts of the country. It is difficult to mandate air quality standards in open spaces because Read more


Need to Know Info About Toxic Air in Your Environment

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toxic airOne of the first things firefighters learn about is the fume toxicity of smoke that is emitted during a fire. The most dangerous of these gases is not from the wood framing members that constitute the framework of the structure.

They are from the man made products that make up the finishes and furnishings. Vinyl siding, carpeting, wallboard, sofas, curtains, and thousands of other materials are emit deadly fumes when on fire. What is not clear to everyone is the fact that toxic air in the home exists without requiring a fire to produce it.

Many of the products we use to make our homes “better” actually are Read more


Breathe Easier Knowing an Indoor Air Quality Monitor is in Place

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indoor air quality monitorThe quality of the air we breathe is becoming a growing concern nationwide. The mold and fungi issue is a major one that has states such as New York proposing health laws that will require all public buildings to have an indoor air quality monitor program in place.

The longer a mold issue goes unaddressed, the bigger the problem becomes along with the cost required to correct it. The earlier a mold problem is detected, the easier and less costly it is to fix it.

Most IAQ (indoor air quality) control experts are approaching the mold problem with a pro-active rather than a re-active approach. The same holds true with Read more


Indoor Air Quality Goes to War With Mold – Are You Safe?

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indoor air quality moldBecause the topic of mold and mildew became a big concern in a short time frame, many people think it is something new to our environment. Actually, mold has comprised a large percentage of the earth’s biomass forever. It is just that people were not aware of it until recently.

Due to the growing awareness of mold, many state health organizations have put rules and guidelines in place to improve indoor air quality and control mold growth. The primary goal is to speed up identification and prompt remediation of mold and mildew issues to avoid further contamination.

The majority of buildings that house workers rely on the existing indoor air; windows do not open so fresh air does not circulate, which in turn contributes to Read more


The Indoor Air Pollution Myth – Is Your Home Toxic?

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indoor air pollutionWholistic Rejuvenist Gloria Gilbere (N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.) enlightened viewers in a recent YouTube video about the dangers of indoor air pollution. Contrary to what many people believe, the air inside your home may be more toxic than the air outside.

Research statistics indicate that 25% of North Americans suffer from allergies, just over 7% suffer from asthma, and 5.5% suffer from sensitivity to chemicals.  The toxic load of the air is considered safe when it contains a cleanliness percentage of at least 80%.

So how clean is your indoor air? Inside what people may deem as their protective sanctuary from the polluted environment outdoors, there lurk Read more